Computed Radiography Testing

Computed Radiography Testing Services

Computed Radiography Testing Services

Computed radiography (CRT) provides the digital equivalent of the conventional x-ray film while simultaneously providing the enormous advantages that consumables are virtually eliminated and the time to image is reduced considerably. In addition, the digital images can easily be archived and shared freely with other users. It emphasizes the easy work-flow and the ability to optimize the images by means of image software.

Computed radiography (CRT) uses a phosphor imaging plate that replaces film in conventional radiography techniques. First, it indirectly captures the image of a component on a phosphor plate, and then converts the image into a digital signal that can be visualized on a computer monitor.

Thereby assuring improved analysis. Basically, the CR technology is understood to be the digital replacement for film. In conventional x-ray different resolutions are due to the film type. In CR the design of imaging plate, the resolution of the scanner and the high-quality software are combined to achieve incredible performance. It is the careful combination of all three components that makes a state-of-the-art system.

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